Striplin Field


First built in 1981 and named after Larry Striplin, Jr., a 1951 graduate, all-star athlete and Birmingham-Southern Sports Hall of Fame inductee, Striplin Field has a seating capacity of 1,000. Dimensions of the field are 321 feet to right field, 324 to left, 365 in the alleys and 390 to center.

Considered to be one of the finest baseball complexes even before the renovations, Scrushy-Striplin Field boasts some of the finest student-athlete accommodations in the nation.

A new clubhouse was added, which houses the players' locker room, showers and laundry facilities.

As part of the renovations, the old players' locker room was converted into a weight room and training room facility. Several additions were also made to the exterior of the facility. A new covered and lighted batting cage was built, and a new sprinkler system was installed. Fans were treated to a new scoreboard as well. With the financial support from Larry Striplin, a new outfield fence was built in the fall of 1999.

The BSC baseball team has access to outstanding facilities for strength and conditioning. The clubhouse houses a weight room well fit for in-season lifting. Having a weight room so close allows the players to go directly from the field to a lifting session, or vice versa. In addition, a new $1 million weight room located in Bill Battle Coliseum opened in 2006, featuring Hammer Strength weights and machines, and the Striplin Fitness and Recreation Center has an indoor running track and double gymnasium for practices during inclement weather.

BSC players are provided with workout routines which are modified every six weeks. The change in routines is designed to build basic muscular strength, increase power and maintain fitness. Workouts focus on three main areas, increasing strength, building a strong core and increasing agility. The weight program designed especially for BSC players and strength and agility workouts are similar to those used at the Major League Baseball level.

The BSC philosophy is that the player will determine how good he wants to be. At the collegiate level a player cannot soley rely on athleticism and instinct. We believe that by developing the body, an athlete is further enabled to develop skill. Our players will lift during the fall and spring seasons. However, in order to build strength consistently, a player must make a commitment to working hard in the off-season. BSC will provide our players with the tools to become stronger and more fit athletes (in the forms of facilites, work out programs, etc.) and we ask that they make the choice to better themselves.