Panthers in the Pros

Player, Pos. Year Signed/Selected  (Round/Overall)  Team Level if active
Homer Hill Norton 1920s (Free Agent) Birmingham Barons
Gregg Pickett

1971 (FA)

San Francisco Giants
Tate Easton

1972 (17th/396th)

Chicago White Sox
Gary Whaley

1972 (21st/490th)

Chicago White Sox
Ken Jolly

1973 (FA)

Philadelphia Phillies
Tim Booker

1974 (FA)

San Diego Padres
Robbie Wood 1975 (21st/492nd) Houston Astros
Mario Mudano 1977 (FA) San Diego Padres
Daryl Harper

1978 (FA)

Kansas City Royals
Lester Mitchell 1978 (FA) Milwaukee Brewers
Rick Santos

1978 (FA)

San Diego Padres
Gary Talbert

1975 (5th/94th); 1978 (FA)

Atlanta Braves; Atlanta Braves

Mark Jackman

1979 (18th, 451st)

Chicago White Sox
Randy Kaczmarksi 1979 (FA) Chicago Cubs
Alec McCullock 1980 (FA) Pittsburgh Pirates
Ed Stabile

1981 (FA)

Chicago Cubs
Mike Mills 1983 (7th/168th) San Diego Padres
John Hackett

1985 (FA)

St. Louis Cardinals
Terry Sloan 1986 (12th/294th) Atlanta Braves
Marcos Lopez 1987 (FA) Chicago Cubs
Mark North 1987 (31st/761st) Chicago Cubs
Keith Raisanen 1987 (25th/631st) Pittsburgh Pirates
Daren Burns

1987 (11th/268th); 1988 (18th/456th)

Minnesota Twins; Chicago Cubs
Ben Pierce 1988 (FA) Kansas City Royals
Bill Fielitz 1989 (42nd/1,080th) St. Louis Cardinals
Daniel Sims

1989 (37th/946th)

Atlanta Braves
Johnny Johnson

1990 (26th/687th)

Texas Rangers
Charlie Hicks 1992 (35th/971st) San Francisco Giants
Steve Murphy 1992 (4th/106th) Kansas City Royals
Doug Sission 1992 (Class A Manager) Montreal Expos
Lincoln Martin 1993 (17th/359th) Baltimore Orioles
Bill King 1994 (3rd/65th) Oakland Athletics
David May 1995 (FA) Independent Leagues
Marc Mattasits

1995 (FA)

Independent Leagues
Daron Schoenrock 1995 (FA) Chicago White Sox
Eric Krall

1996 (12th/359th)

New York Yankees
Monte Marshall 1996 (26th/778th) Los Angeles Dodgers
Jake Scaffidi

1996 (FA)

Independent Leagues
Michael Huffaker

1997 (25th/764th)

St. Louis Cardinals
Billy Romans 1997 (FA) Philadelphia Phillies
Shane Wooten 1997 (19th, 577th) Milwaukee Brewers
Brian Autry 1998 (FA) Independent Leagues
Brock Lowell, INF 1999 (FA) Independent Leagues  
Nick Dumas 2000 (FA) Independent Leagues
Chad Post 2000 (FA) Independent Leagues
Graham Burgess 2001 (FA) Independent Leagues
Seth Bobbitt, P 2001 (28th/836th); 2005 (FA) Houston; Atlanta  
John Driskill, INF 2001 (FA) Independent Leagues
Ricky Gomez, IF 2001 (FA) Independent Leagues  
Mike Nickoli, P 2001 (4th/119th) Anaheim Angels  
Jon Renfro, P 2002 (FA) Independent Leagues
Derek Griffith, P 2003 (17th/505th) Philadelphia Phillies  

Ryan Griffith, C

2004 (22nd/651st) Texas Rangers
Wes Letson, P

2004 (11th/341st); 2006 (FA)

Atlanta; Florida  
Connor Robertson, P 2004 (31st/937th) Oakland; Arizona


Michael Repole, RHP 2005 (14th) St. Louis Cardinals  
Chris Brennan, LHP 2005 (FA) Chicago White Sox
Brandon Hynick, P 2006 (8th/228th) Colorado Rockies
Drew Leachman, OF 2011 (37th/1,138th) Minnesota Twins
Bruce Maxwell, C 2012 (2nd/62nd) Oakland A's Midland RockHounds (AA)
Miles Nordgren, P 2014 (23rd/680th) Minnesota Twins GCL Twins (Rookie)